Admission: Adults 7€ - Ages 6 to 12 4€ - Ages 6 and less, free (with parents).
Last entrance two hours before sunset.

White Mountains

The White Mountains… The Cretan Madares… Perhaps the most sung of mountain range of Crete.

Where to start? From its plateaus, the imposing gorges, the wild ravines, or the legendary caves?

In the White Mountains, one can encounter the most interesting of gorges for the texplorers of gorges in Greece; the largest and most famous of them being the Samaria Gorge.

There are other gorges according to the locals, such as Aradena, Tripiti etc. that one should lose themselves in and take time to discover their beauties.

In the plateaus of Omalos and Askifos, one will get to know the Cretan Hospitality and they will taste the wonderful delicacies of Crete.

With about 50 peaks with altitudes of over 2000m and the highest mountain peak of Pachnes at an altitude of 2453 meters, the White Mountains are generally the highest mountainous volume of the island.

Anyone who had visited the White Mountains admits that it is one of the wildest and most impressive mountains in existence, with huge craters that may have been created by meteorites or volcanoes thousands of years ago.

There are many mitata (shepherd lodgings) in the area, some of which are still operating.

The beauty of the White Mountains is unparalleled and no matter how many times one has crossed it, it is impossible to see every single one of its beauties.

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