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The Gardens offer its visitors the unique opportunity to learn about fruit-bearing trees, herbs, spices, medicinal and decorative plants from all over the world, wander in the wonders of nature and witness the animals in their natural habitat.

However, the Gardens are more than a site for leisure and learning and they are not just for the nature lovers. The Gardens are for all those eager to feel and experience nature at its heart. They are the perfect getaway for those who need to escape from daily life issues and seek a moment of calmness and tranquillity – a brief getaway from the quick-paced city life.

Once you take the very first steps into the Gardens, time stops, our thoughts pause. Your soul, in all its mighty, awakens to listen to the rustling of the leaves, to immerse into thousands of colours and aromas of the plants and the trees and to hear the quick flapping wings of the birds, their song, even the tiniest sound from within the endless green.

Following the trails of the Park is like embarking on a journey within, a mystical voyage, taking us a little closer to our self.

The Gardens are not a mere sight. They are a trip of the senses, where the soul dives into emotions long forgotten.

Indeed, the Gardens are a fascinating, almost magical, journey.




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