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Staka Cream Cheese

Between cheese and yogurt with a special taste, staka is a different dairy product in Cretan gastronomy.

It contains quite a lot of calories and fat, but it makes up for it with a taste that transcends anything it accompanies. In its simplest versions, it accompanies fries or eggs, while it is used like fresh butter in spaghetti and pilaf, and gives special flavor to pies such as the meat cake and the boureki of Chania.

Stakia is the skin (cream) of milk from milking, lightly salted and stored. When a sufficient amount is collected, it is heated on low heat for several days and a small amount of flour os added, thus separating the proteins from the fat.

The fat is then collected separately, which is the famous staka-butter, while the white and condensed mass of protein is the famous staka.

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