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Spices of Crete

Spices offer special, unique aromas and enrich the taste of our food.

Let us learn some of them.

Afrina: The flower of salt from the rocks of Crete that has stored sea water, until the Greek sun evaporates it and the raw natural sea salt appears.

Cretan Basil: It looks like anise and has an intense, sweet, aromatic and maybe a little spicy taste. It is combined with garlic, rosemary, sage and raw oil.

Cretan Bay Leaves: They are often used in cooking however those of Crete bring out a special “power” in the taste.

Throubi: One cannot praise this herb enough! Throubi is a unique product that has been used for over 2000 years; an aromatic plant that has a strong, pungent aroma and a characteristic spicy taste. But what makes it stand out from the common Throubi is the cool aftertaste which has intensity and quite a long duration.

Thyme: Not just a spice, but a medicinal spice! It is recommended for stomach and intestinal problems, for the relief of coughs, colds and the flu, for the stimulation of the nervous system and as a sedative.

Lemongrass: Although its use in cooking is less common than that of thyme, it gives equal results that will amaze. It can be perfectly combined in both fresh and dried form, with almost all grilled meats. As a decoction, it relieves the symptoms of the flu and acts as a tonic for the immune and nervous systems.

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