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Few traditional drinks or local products in general are more inextricably linked to their place of production, than tsikoudia is with Crete.

Is it tsikoudia or raki, then? No matter how one may call it, the traditional drink of Crete has the same taste and encloses the whole tradition of our island. It is the drink of welcome and treat.

From the first days of October until the end of November, after the harvest and the presses of the must, comes the production of tsikoudia.

Using what is left from the pressed grapes, the rakokazana are lit and its preparation begins.

As for the festivities that take place around the Cretan cauldrons at the time of distillation, they are such that enough quantity does not even reach the barrels for storage!

The production of tsikoudia in Crete is, among other things, an activity of great emotional and economic importance.

In the life of the Cretans, tsikoudia is a point of reference and an integral part of their famous hospitality.

The soul of Cretan soul in a bottle! Tsikoudia!


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