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Garden in Crete: Our favorite Botanical garden’s animals!

Peacock- Jatin Sindhu, Peacock Plumage, CC BY-SA 4.0 .jpeg

Our Botanical Garden and Park in Crete: Animals, Flora & Trees

We started our Botanical park back in 2003, and gradually we have established a paradise of flowers originating from Crete, and rare flowers, trees, and herbs from across the world.  Botanical Gardens in Crete is a fully functional ecosystem and all flora and fauna are in complete harmony. As a result, everything in our Gardens and Park in Crete successfully coexists with the wild flora and fauna of the area. The flora of our park consists of Fruit-bearing trees, herbs, pharmaceutical plants, and spices. 

Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete -Butterflies
Botanical Park & Gardens Of Crete -Butterflies

Our park is now one of the most recognized places in Crete either for walking, admiring nature, and generally things to do while on vacation in Crete. The animals which we carefully take care of are one of our highlights, either for adults and especially for children!

Animals of Crete: Our Botanical Park philosophy

Our park has a strong nature preservation philosophy. By no means having a zoo in Crete was never a thought on our park. However, having farm animals and animals of extreme beauty free to stroll our lush and overgrown botanical park & gardens is beneficial for them and the visitors of our park. Living freely in so vast areas gives them the privilege of mating and nurturing freely as if they were in their natural habitat.

Botanical Park- Gardens of Crete: Peacock
Botanical Park- Gardens of Crete: Peacock

Peacocks & Peafowls: Our Park’s all-time classic!

Peacocks and peahens firstly originated in India, and are amongst the first animal species that you get to see when coming to our Botanical Park in Crete.  It seems that peacocks have been living in Crete from the Minoan Era onwards, making them one of the most ancient birds on the island. They are responsible for the balance between all the other animals in the Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete. Male peacocks are known for their piercing calls (you will get to hear them a lot in our botanical gardens) as well as for their extraordinary plumage and feathers. On the other hand, female peacocks (or most preferably peahens) are smaller and more subtle in their appearance.

peacock- Parks in Crete - Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete
Peacock- Botanical Park in Crete

From the first moments of your visit to our park in Crete, peacocks will accompany you on the gradual descent on our botanical gardens. They are extremely friendly and occasionally you may see them relaxing on the lush shade of our rare plants and trees. 

Kri-kri (Creta Aegagrus): The pride of Crete

We have previously talked about the Kri- Kri. Capra aegagrus cretica is a special endangered species of goat found exclusively in Crete. In our garden in Chania, we have successfully established and preserved a small number of Kri Kri goat animals that are in perfect co-existence with other animals in our park. It is a unique species in the world, alongside another subspecies that is found on the far east of Turkey. 

As years went by, we have successfully managed to breed and increase their number, making them a sustainable colony inside our gardens in Crete. Admiring them and preserving the endangered Kri- Kri population was always our passion, and we are extremely happy that it finally became a reality. 

Kri Kri - Capra aegagrus creticus - Crete White Mountains- Lapplaender, Kri-kri 2, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE
Kri Kri – Capra aegagrus creticus – Crete White Mountains- Lapplaender, Kri-kri 2, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

This resulted in the fact that Kri Kri Cretan goats can now be seen with safety on our park in Omalos. Apart from our park, Kri- Kri Cretan goats can also be seen in the municipal garden of Chania, the Thodorou Island, and most importantly the famous Samaria Gorge.

Donkeys: A living myth of Crete

Donkeys are also an animal species that stand proud in our park in Crete. Despite donkeys not being seen often in homes, gardens, and traditional estates, this was not always the case.Donkeys played a vital role in the history and advancement of Cretan communities, as well as Cretan villages during the post-war years. Except being a household domestic animal and part of the family in many cases, donkeys played an important role in many households, farm, and barn tasks, as they helped in transporting goods and humans into difficult terrain and also had a major role in plowing land fields for agriculture.

Botanical Park-Gardens of Crete- Our Animal Farm- Donkey
Botanical Park-Gardens of Crete- Our Animal Farm- Donkey

Cretan villages of the past decades owe a lot to donkeys in which now the donkeys have gradually decreased in numbers and are only rarely seen on the mainland of Crete. Our park in Crete is preserving and promoting Cretan history (either this be folklore or not) and Cretan Donkeys are also present in our premises for you to pet, admire and learn about the significance they had for our island in the past years.

Lake: Promoting water- sea animals and biodiversity

Animals have not only to do with land but also with water elements too. We have also established an artificial small lake that hosts many hens, ducks, and fish in pure co-existence. Situated on the lower level of our Botanical Gardens it is a very famous stop for most of the visitors that come to our park.

Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete: Stork in the Lake
Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete: Stork in the Lake

Being completely free, the water animals such as the ducks and hens can interact with you in the nearby benches or in the citrus trees garden that resides nearby. 

Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete: Your vacation in Crete must!

Our botanical park is situated in Chania and welcomes visitors from all over Crete. Many people that explore the countless flora and fauna we have in our premises are coming from neighboring cities like Rethimnon and Heraklion and for a good reason:

wild birds of Crete- Botanical Park and Gardens in Crete
Wild birds of Crete- Botanical Park and Gardens in Crete

We always try and strive to give our visitors, our plants, our animals and mostly to our homeland’s nature the best we can. This is why our plants and animals species live in successful co-existence and having many Natura  2000 territories nearby  (like the lake of Agia), our park has also become a stopover for many endemic species of birds that relax on our park as a stopover to their final destination. You will get the chance το also hear and see them in your walk around our botanical gardens.

We are ready to indulge you in a flora and fauna world like never before. Join us