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The White Mountains Foothills: Our garden’s in Crete homeland!

Λευκά Όρη Κρήτη- όρος Γκίγκιλος

Botanical Gardens in Crete: Basic Info 

Our Botanical Gardens and Park in Crete are only  25 minutes from Chania town center. It is situated in the 18th Km on the National road of Hania in the area of Fournes, Omalos.  Omalos and Omalos Plateau are 21 kilometers from our gardens in Crete and half an hour drive from our Gardens. This area is at an altitude of 1100m in the heart of the white mountains of Crete

The first one is through Lakkoi Village,  another one is from Xyloskalo which is also the entrance to the Samaria Gorge, and the latter is through the Omalos area that can be easily accessed through our island’s road network. A series of picturesque “Citrus Trees Villages (i.e. full of citrus production) that are in close distance from Chania has to be traveled through heading South in order to visit our Gardens in Omalos. This small road journey will last no more than an hour and is a famous and beautiful route locals (and tourists) take in order to reach Omalos area.

Flock of sheep in Omalos Plateau- Botanical Gardens in Crete
A flock of sheep in Omalos Plateau- Botanical Gardens in Crete- Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho from Lahti, Finland, Flock Of Sheep In Omalos PlateauCC BY 2.0

Gardens in Crete: Our Botanical Paradise in Skordalou, on the foothills of the White Mountains of Crete 

In the area of Skordalou we have successfully established our botanical gardens which are operating and expanding since 2003. A vast area with endemic flowers from Greece and all over the world are living in a lush untouched and preserved environment together with endemic animals of Crete that we care of and preserve. 

Botanical Park- Gardens Crete: Wild Cretan Kri-Kri
Botanical Park- Gardens Crete: Wild Cretan Kri-Kri

“Skordalou “ is the name of the village in which our gardens in Crete are situated. It lies in the vicinity of White Mountains of Crete and was heavily devastated by a huge fire that happened back in 2003 and ravaged thousands of olive trees aged several hundred years and citrus trees. The area was deeply affected, both economically and environmentally, however, our constant work throughout the years we have managed to bring this area with astounding microclimate back to normal. 

Nowadays there is little evidence of this devastating fire that happened at the beginning of this century, remnants of which can be found on the entrance of our botanical gardens in Crete.

Omalos Villages: A vacation in Crete must!

21 Kilometes away from our Botanical gardens lies the area of Omalos. Omalos has many picturesque villages that you should also see in combination with your stroll around our gardens. Getting to Omalos is easy either this is with a car, or with a bus. 

Omalos Village is a close distance from the Samaria Gorge and there are plenty of taverns, small shops, and wildlife in this region for you to see. With an average height of 1200 meters, the air is clear and you have the chance to see untouched Crete like never before. Most villagers are employed in the livestock industry and you get to see life in the most natural form. 

“Take only photos… Leave only footprints.”

This is a very famous saying that is written in the path on our gardens of Crete. We believe that this should be the attitude that travelers have to maintain, not only in our gardens but during their whole stay in Crete. Our island, full of history, folklore, and natural beauty should remain untouched and preserved for future generations. Crete awaits to astound you one more time! 

gardens in Crete- Omalos- Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete
Gardens in Crete- Omalos- Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete