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Olive Oil



The quality of the Cretan olive oil, the “gold” of the Cretan land, as it has been characteristically named, is widely known throughout the world.

It is a natural product that comes from the simple crushing of the olive, without extracts and enhancing additives. It is a product cultivated with care and passion.

Cretan olive oil is beneficial and nutritious and is considered a precious ally of health.

Almost all production in Crete is extra virgin olive oil.

It does not contain enhancing additives or preservatives. It is the natural juice of the fruit of Koroneiki olive, a tree that thrives in every corner of the Cretan land where the climatic conditions are ideal.

Olive oil is not just an element of the Cretan diet. It is a structural element of the Cretan culture. Cretans connect their lives to the cycle of the olive.

The mystery of longevity in Crete has now been revealed and is none other than the Cretan olive oil, which had been discovered in every corner of the planet.

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