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Lakes of Chania: Travellers Useful Chania Guide

Kournas Lake- Ιωσηφίνα Γεωργούλη, Kournas lake, Chania, CC BY-SA 4.0

   Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete is an environment rich in flora  and fauna  from all over the world. There is an ever increasing number of plants, trees and animals that we carefully choose and establish into our micro climate  in order to elevate and express nature in its very natural form. Lakes are no exception to this rule as we have successfully established a small water paradise in our lake which is situated in the park

  Our lake is home to many domestic animals and is a viable source of water to many birds and other wildlife that resides in our gardens . Many of our guests that have already visited the park  have always wondered about the presense of Lakes in Chania area. In this post from our blog  we will specify and inform you about the lakes that can be found in Chania area in order to facilitate your Journey in Chania in a more effective manner.

   Are there any lakes in Chania?

  Although an island, Crete is privileged enough to have lakes. In Chania area we can say that two lakes stand out and are definitely worth visiting. One of those two is surprisingly very close to Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete .  Those lakes are a precious ecosystem that provides sustainability and  equilibrium to the area. It is a serious source of water to the neighbouring communities, and a good shelter for migrating and non migrating animals that can be found nearby. 

  Lake of Agia

   The lake of Agia is situated in Agia Village, only some kilometers prior to your ascending route into Omalos, Skordalou and our gardens. We heavily insist that you combine your visit to our park   with a visit to Agia Lake as their distance is close and right at your way, without deviations.

   The lake of Agia is situated only 10 klm from the center of Chania and is a precious Natura 2000  environment, rich in endangered flora and fauna. It is also a bird watching observatory, which means that bird watching spots are scattered all over the lake’s circumference making it an ideal spot for bird and animal lovers. 

Lake of Agia- Agia Lake in Chania- Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete
Lake of Agia- Agia Lake in Chania- Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete- Maraki83Agia lake 8CC BY-SA 4.0 

   The lake of Agia might be a lovely place to see in Chania, although it is not a natural lake. This lake was converted from a swamp in the early 20th century and became an artificial lake. It was established by the electricity company of Greece of that time in order to give water into a hydroelectric power plant close to the vicinity. As the years went by, and after 1960 the demand for power in the city became greater and this power station was now useless so it became defunct. 

   The power station of the old era can still be found nearby and now it works as a museum, although the lake of Agia is still thriving and is a perfect opportunity for a walk throughout its perimeter and enjoying the view from the neighbouring cafeterias. It is a quiet place of impeccable beauty and ideal for a relaxing afternoon or in combination with a walk in our gardens .

lake of Agyia- Agia Lake of Chania
 Agia Lake of Chania- VamvakiΛίμνη Αγυίας, νομός Χανίων – Agia Lake, district of ChaniaCC BY-SA 4.0 

Lake of Kournas

   On the contrary to the lake of Agia, the Lake of Kournas is a natural one. It is also vastly bigger and is situated near Georgioupoli, close to the Chania and Rethimnon border  . Kournas lake is the only one in Crete which is natural and contains sweetwater.  The dimensions of the lake are not standard, as it collects vast amounts of water during the winter months, and in the summer months the water evaporates, revealing a small sundy coast over the lake’s perimeter. 

Lake of Kournas- Kournas Lake in Chania near Rethimnon
Lake of Kournas- Kournas Lake in Chania area, near the prefecture of Rethimnon- Tanya Dedyukhina, Lake Kournas – panoramio (6)CC BY 3.0 

   There are numerous activities that can be done around the lake of Kournas, ranging from ranting a small boat and doing a romantic ride in the lake’s water to enjoying a nice beverage or a meal in the neighbouring restaurants overlooking the lake. There is also Georgioupoli area close to the vicinity which is another place for a small journey, especially if you have a rental car .

   A small hint from Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete.

   Crete pays a lot of respect to the lakes that we have. This is why we successfully established a lake in our gardens in order to supply nature and animals with a viable water facility in order to sustain life.

  Life is also sustained in the lake of Agia, as a big portion of its water surplus is used in a processing factory nearby in order to give water for field irrigation. The area surrounding the lake is full of cultivated lands and especially citrus fields  and avocado fields which need plenty of water in order to thrive. This lake collects water during the winter months and helps irrigate part of our agricultural crops during the summer months. We insist that you discover and realise its significance on your trip to Chania!

Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete: Family of ducks on our Lake
Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete: Family of ducks on our Lake