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Journey in Chania- Half Fay or Full Day Road Trip

Journey in Chania-Omalos Road Trip- Botanical Park- Gardens of Crete Emmanuel Eragne from Tokyo, Japan, Omalos Plateau, CC BY 2.0

Crete is amongst the most visited islands in Greece. Chania especially is a tourist attraction for many tourists and nature lovers that love a Journey in Chania, whether this is a full day trip or lasting only some hours. Botanical park & Gardens of Crete are getting a big percentage of visitors that combine a stroll in our gardens with wandering or hiking in the broader vicinity of Omalos Plateau which is 20 klm away from our gardens.

Journey in Chania: Alternatives near Botanical Gardens of Crete

Botanical park and Gardens of Crete are on a strategic place on the foothills of the White Mountains of Crete, on your way towards Omalos,  in Skordalos area. Many picturesque villages of Chania countryside are being found on the short distance from Chania town centre up to Omalos area. Villages full of lush vegetation, cultivated areas and authentic people ready to invite you into an original Cretan hospitality world. We suggest visitors looking for an alternative journey in Chania that they visit Omalos Plateau and especially the villages: “Lakkoi, Vatolakkos, Alikianos as well as Agyia with the beautiful artificial lake and the wetland that is also a preserved area with Natura 2000 environmental protocols.

Journey in Chania-Lake of Agyia- Road Trip to Chania
Journey in Chania-Lake of Agyia- Road Trip to Chania- Long lasting memoriesLimni Agias 01CC BY-SA 4.0

Chania: One place- Many alternative journeys

For those looking for an adventurous getaway in combination with a journey on our Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete, we suggest you a hike on the gorge of Meskla- Sarakina. Meskla village is on a close distance by car from Botanical Park and has a small but impeccable beautiful small gorge that can be hiked in an hour’s time. This relaxing hike can easily be combined with a dinner at our park’s restaurant ( or even a rejuvenating 3 km hike on our path which can be found inside our park.

Meskla Village- Chania Road Trip- Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete
Meskla Village- Chania Road Trip- Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete- C messierΜεσκλά 4488CC BY-SA 4.0

Omalos Plateau: Full of surprises

Another extraordinary journey in Chania prefecture can start with our gardens as a starting point. Omalos area is 21 klm away from Botanical Gardens of Crete and half an hour drive from our premises.  The journey is also a must for those who love driving, either with a car or with a motorbike. Omalos Plateau is a very fertile area surrounded with mountains and on an altitude of above 1000 meters.Visitors during this journey can see many rare species of endemic plants and flowers  cultivated lands, as well as the well known Omalos apples that have made Omalos Plateau famous all over Greece.

Ascending from Omalos Plateau you can admire the rich flora and fauna of the area and it is certain that you will see many shepherds along with their herds on your way. You can also ask and learn information about traditional cheese making factories in the area where you can taste authentic Cretan Cheese  which is certain that will amaze you.

Omalos area, as well as the White Mountains mountain range also hosts the traditional Mitato that played a vital role in livestock production of the previous centuries and many of them can still be found on the vicinity. We gladly suggest you look out for them as part of your car journey.

Cretan dairy products- Cretan Cheese- Traditional Cheese Mitato- Voidomatis Dimitrios, Traditional Cretan Cheese Storage, CC BY-SA 4.0
Cretan dairy products- Cretan Cheese- Traditional Cheese Mitato- Voidomatis Dimitrios, Traditional Cretan Cheese Storage, CC BY-SA 4.0

Journey to Omalos: Samaria Gorge

Continuing your journey from Botanical Park heading South and to Omalos you will eventually get to reach Samaria Gorge. No further information is needed for the pinnacle of Cretan Gorge’s  which we certainly suggest that you hike on fully from Xyloskalo area all the way to South Crete and Agia Roumeli Village.

However, as a section of a whole- or half day journey in the vicinity you can get up to the gorge’s entrance and admire the impeccable mountain views from 1300m or enjoy a quick refreshment at the shops right next to the gorge’s entrance. It is certain that a stroll on Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete, in combination with some of the alternative journeys we proposed in Chania , will rejuvenate you, will get you close to the Creta nature and will indulge you in a new -less touristic version of Crete which you will certainly love !