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Perhaps the best and most delicious honey in Greece is the thyme honey of Crete that is worth tasting!

The fine thyme honey is collected from traditional hives in natural thyme habitats, mainly in the White Mountains.

In the Cretan Madares, the wild Cretan thyme, a unique aromatic plant, is a permanent “resident”, with bees collecting nectar from its purple flowers during the summer months.

Thyme honey is considered unique for its aroma and taste. It has a high nutritional value due to its tonic and antiseptic properties, as it acts preventively for cardiovascular disorders, while having a beneficial effect against multiple diseases.

Have a spoonful of honey and try to swallow it slowly… Put honey in drinks and hot beverages, in milk for children or enjoy it with fresh bread, toast or fresh yogurt.

Use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar or as a flavor enhancer in marinades, salads etc.

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