Food served till 6pm
Adults 8€
Ages 6 to 12 4€
Ages 6 and less, free (with parents).
Last entrance two hours before sunset.

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Below is shown a list of the most commonly asked questions about our Botanical Garden of Crete. For more information or inquiries, feel free to contact us at any time.

Where is the Botanical Garden located?

The Botanical Garden of Crete is located in Chania Crete, at the 18th km of Fournes- Lakkoi- Omalos National road  and at the foothills of the White Mountains, just 25 minutes away from Chania city center.

Are there any villages and taverns nearby Botanical Garden of Crete ?

Yes, many picturesque villages of Chania are located nearby. Some of these are: Fournes, Skines, Meskla, Karanou, Lakkoi, Orthouni, Alikianos, Vatolakkos, and others. We recommend sitting in the local cafes and taverns to enjoy the genuine Cretan hospitality.

How long does the walk in the Botanical Garden take?

The hike in the Botanical Garden lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. Our paths are characterized as an experiential walk and not as a hike. Of these paths, 1200 meters are downhill and the remaining 1200 meters are uphill.

When and how did the Botanical Garden of Crete begin?

The initiative was sparked by a catastrophic fire in 2003   in the area. The Garden was completed and officially opened to the public in 2010.

What can I see around in combination with a visit to the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Visitors can combine a trip to the Omalos plateau, the Manousakis winery, as well as hiking in the "Meskla" area – Sarakina Gorge and the Kidoni Gorge in Karanou. The entrance to the Samaria Gorge is ideal for visiting and photography.

Is the Botanical Garden of Crete suitable for everyone?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone, but elderly people, individuals with health issues, and overweight persons might find it tiring, as our paths are located on a slope and follow a circular - serpentine course.

Is the Botanical Garden of Crete accessible with a stroller?

It is possible, but transporting the stroller on our uphill and downhill paths might prove to be tiring.

How can I get to the Botanical Garden of Crete?

You can visit the park by car, taxi, or bus. The bus from the Chania intercity  central bus station (KTEL) departs daily from the station in the center of Chania at 9:30 am and returns at 2:30 pm. There are also other buses going towards the Omalos area that you can use.

Is there a restaurant in the Botanical Garden of Crete and what is its identity?

The garden's restaurant uses local ingredients from the area, highlighting and preserving traditional recipes while also composing new culinary proposals with a focus on local products.

Is there a cafe in the Botanical Garden?

Yes. We serve desserts, coffee, snacks, and local teas.

What is included in the entrance fee?

Full access to our gardens, access to all common areas and parking.

Is the Botanical Garden of Crete accessible for people with disabilities?

Our path is not accessible for wheelchair users, as it extends on a slope.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Food and drinks are not allowed.

Can I bring my dog to the Botanical Garden of Crete?

To preserve the natural environment and the animals that live freely within it, dogs are not allowed inside the Botanical Garden.

Is photography allowed in the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Photography is allowed and encouraged.

Can a guided tour be organized in the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Guided tours can be arranged upon  request.

Is smoking allowed in the Botanical Garden of Crete?

For safety reasons, smoking is prohibited on the paths of the Garden.

Is there parking available at the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Yes, and it is free.

What additional facilities are available at the Botanical Garden of Crete?

 Ρestaurant- Cafe,: Visitors can enjoy local cuisine and refreshments in a setting that celebrates the natural beauty surrounding them.

Α shop offering traditional Cretan products : Here, guests can purchase local products that represent the heritage and traditions of Crete.

An amphitheater with a seating capacity for 250 people: This space is utilized for various events, educational programs, and presentations, thereby enriching the cultural and educational offerings of the garden.

We are a large group of people. Can we visit the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Yes. Please contact us for more informations

Is it possible to use the Amphitheater of the Botanical Garden of Crete for my event?

Our amphitheater is open to the public and events can be held there by contacting us. It has a capacity of 250 people.

I am a bird and wildlife enthusiast. Are there birds and wild animals in the Botanical Garden of Crete?

There are many wild birds that you can admire in our gardens, as well as wild animals that you may encounter during your visit.

Are you open all year round?

No. The Botanical  Garden of Crete is open to the public from early March to late November.

Do you serve vegetarian food at the restaurant of the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Yes. We serve vegetarian food as well at our restaurant.

What is the best season to visit the Botanical Garden of Crete?

There is no best season for a visit. Nature is wonderful throughout the entire operating period of our gardens.

What farm animals can I see at the Botanical Garden of Crete?

You can see fallow deer (Dama dama from Rhodes), the Cretan ibex ( Cretan Aegagrus), donkeys, and many birds such as geese, chickens, waterfowls, peacocks, and others.

Is there shade in the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Yes. More than 60% of our garden area is shaded due to the dense vegetation.

Can I taste the fruits and smell the flowers in the Botanical Garden of Crete?

You can smell the flowers, but it is prohibited to pick them. Understandably, picking the fruits is not allowed. However, in our restaurant, we always offer fruits to our visitors.

What types of plants does the Botanical Garden have?

We host fruit trees, herbs, spices, and medicinal plants. The garden is divided into 5 sections: the garden of tropical trees, the garden of fruit trees, the garden with Mediterranean plants - herbs and aromatic plants, the garden with cherry trees, the garden with citrus fruits and vineyards.

Can I pay with a Credit card?

Of course.

Can we take some seeds or plants from the gardens?

Nο, we dont provide this possibility yet.

What is the best time of day for a walk in the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to visit, although the most popular time for our gardens is around noon.

What can I purchase from the Botanical Garden of Crete?

Our philosophy is to promote what our land produces. We offer jams, spoon sweets, olive oil, wine, honey, vinegar, herbs, soaps, books, and more.

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Απολαύστε τοπικές γεύσεις έως τις 18.00.

Είσοδος: 8€ / 6-12 ετών 4€ | Έλληνες -30% 
Παιδιά < 6 ετών δωρεάν (με συνοδό).

Τελευταία είσοδος στον κήπο 2 ώρες πριν τη δύση του Ηλίου.


Enjoy local flavors until 18.00.

Entrance: 8€ / 6-12 years old 4€ | Children < 6 years old free (with a companion).

Last entrance to the garden 2 hours before sunset.

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