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Microclimate in Crete- Chania: An introduction.

Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete: Family of ducks on our Lake

Crete is one of the most popular islands over Greece. It has an ideal Climate that is perfect for vacation, but also is capable enough to host rare birds and herbs species, endemic flowers , as well as a vast percentage of the agricultural production of Greece. Thousands of fruitful trees are on the island, offering excellent quality products for the island and its visitors. In this article we will give you useful information about the island’s microclimate in order to be informed and prepared for your vacation or stay in Chania.

Cretan Microclimate- Climate of Chania

The climate of Crete generally follows our country’s rule, that is being a mediterranean climate with dry and humid character. Specifically, in the summer the sun is hot and dry without many rainfalls. However Cretan Microclimate and Microclimate in Chania has some distinctive differences that we will unfold onwards in order for you to be prepared and make your stay in Crete even more pleasant.

Cretan Microclimate - Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete
Cretan Microclimate – Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete

Microclimate- General Information.

Crete, and Chania specifically are characterized by the lack of strong winds, especially on the northern territories of the island and all over the northern coastline. Especially in Chania, we see a lower wind intensity compared to other places in the island. We could say that Crete has a meditteranean climate, with maybe an exception the southern coastline of Crete- and Gavdos Island- which have a climate more similar to North Africa. Generally, climate in Crete is humid, with tame winters and -with small exceptions- relatively mild summer.

Vacations in Crete- Temperatures and Microclimate

Many of our visitors are often wondering about the perfect time for vacation in Crete. We could say that the most typical Cretan summer months are July and August with temperatures almost always reaching above 30 degrees celsius.

Days of extreme heatwave are possible during those 2 summer months in which the temperature in the shade may reach- or surpass- 40 degrees celsius. Summer in Crete is Characterized by almost no rainfalls and clouds, especially in July and August. However the median highest temperature for summer in Crete is not exceeding the median temperature of 30 degrees celsius making it an ideal place for vacation.

Even in winter temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees celsius on lower altitudes and usually it’s on the night hours of January, which is the most typical winter month on Crete.

For visitors that prefer a more mild climate we suggest visiting Crete early in the spring or early in autumn. Usually May or September have milder temperatures and lack of big heat waves that may be disturbing for some. Weather is also very good with cooler days, that are an excellent opportunity to wander around our gardens .

Βοτανικό Πάρκο και Κήποι Κρήτης- Σκορδαλού- Ομαλός- Χανιά- Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete-
Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete- Our Gardens from Above.

Microclimate and winter in Crete.

Referring to winter in Crete, it is Characterized as mild, without snowfalls, at least up to an altitude of 700 meters. However, on the high mountains and ranges of Crete such as the White Mountains, Mount Ida and Mount Dikti there is always snow. Those mountains receive large amounts of snow each year that melts and is a crucial supply of water for our dams, used widely in irrigation/ agriculture.

The average rainfall is low on lower altitudes and is almost non-existent during summer. Mountains however receive large amounts of rainwater and surrounding areas have adequate water from the mountain springs. Despite lower rainfalls , Crete is an ideal place for agriculture and greenhouse production.

Cretan microclimate and climate in Chania is considered for many as ideal. The circumstances described above are why Crete is a top destination for travellers and for those seeking a new home. However, in order to be prepared weather wise, Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete insist that you always consult a formal weather forecast database.

Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete- Microclimate of Crete- Climate in Chania
Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete- Microclimate of Crete- Climate in Chania