Food served till 6pm
Adults 7€
Ages 6 to 12 4€
Ages 6 and less, free (with parents).
Last entrance two hours before sunset.

Thank you very much.
We will be ready to welcome
you again by March 16th 2024.
How to come

Cretan Hospitality

Cretan hospitality has its own history and tradition and is known throughout the world.

Besides, it is the main characteristic of all Cretans; opening their home to every foreigner, offering them what they have.

Cretan hospitality owes its meaning to these roots.

Cretans are as such distinguished for this characteristic; they are special people. And it is the reason that the island attracts more and more people every summer.

They make you feel immediately welcomed, offering their help, their advice and their knowledge, but also generously sharing their food.

The tradition of hospitality in Chania and Crete has a centuries old history and is traced back to the core of the Minoan Civilization.

Today, however, the traditional hospitality has evolved and has become more organized and professional, satisfying every need of the traveler.

Crete is still home to the most authentic hospitality, with roots in the historical tradition of centuries.

So, do not be afraid of the traditional treat in the restaurant when you ask for the bill and do not be surprised if a stranger treats you to a tsikoudia in a cafe.

Coming to Crete, you automatically partake in the beautiful ritual of traditional hospitality with a history of centuries.

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Απολαύστε τοπικές γεύσεις έως τις 18.00.

Είσοδος: 7€ / 6-12 ετών 4€ | Έλληνες -30% 
Παιδιά < 6 ετών δωρεάν (με συνοδό).

Τελευταία είσοδος στον κήπο 2 ώρες πριν τη δύση του Ηλίου.


Enjoy local flavors until 18.00.

Entrance: 7€ / 6-12 years old 4€ | Children < 6 years old free (with a companion).

Last entrance to the garden 2 hours before sunset.

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