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Comestible weeds of Crete

The comestible weeds of Crete grow almost everywhere soil exists, without effort or human intervention.

We can find evidence of their consumption during ancient times in almost every Greek historian’s and philosopher’s records.

The studies that have been conducted during recent years and highlight the Cretan diet reveal that the Cretans’ good health stems heavily from the consumption of said weeds.

Rich in vitamins, acids and other substances that greatly benefit the antacid ability of the human organism, Cretan weeds also consist of large amounts of fiber that help the digestion and the correct functioning of the intestine, while containing very little calories and no fats.

Iron, calcium, metals and other important substances are also gained through the consumption of the hundreds of species of edible flora.

The most famous of them all is stamnagathi with its very special and slightly bitter taste. It can be eaten boiled, fricassee or raw in a salad.

Equally famous is kritamo with a slightly spicy taste while raw, but more salty while boiled and is often preserved pickled.


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Endemism in Crete reaches a percentage that varies from 10 to 50% of species, with the low percentage constantly increasing from year to year. What does endemism mean, however? It means that there are exclusively specific organisms in a certain area, which implies a greater responsibility for their maintenance. In absolute numbers, one can find […]

Rose water

It is even honored with a celebration in the village of Fournes each May. It is one of the most picturesque orange-villages of the Municipality of Platanias in the Valley of Keritis. Flower water is made from the distillation of aromatic plants and flowers through steam. In the case of Cretan flower water, it is […]

Citrus Trees

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