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Cretan cooking herbs. 3 essentials for your kitchen.

Botanical Park and Gardens Of Crete- Malotira Cretan Herb

   Cretan cooking herbs  , seasonings and spices are altogether crucial for Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine. They add the necessary spiciness, texture and flavor to authentic cretan cuisine dishes . In our restaurant  we proudly use a wide variety of Cretan cooking herbs that are found in abundance in our gardens , and in this blog … Continued

Lakes of Chania: Travellers Useful Chania Guide

Kournas Lake- Ιωσηφίνα Γεωργούλη, Kournas lake, Chania, CC BY-SA 4.0

   Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete is an environment rich in flora  and fauna  from all over the world. There is an ever increasing number of plants, trees and animals that we carefully choose and establish into our micro climate  in order to elevate and express nature in its very natural form. Lakes are no … Continued

Malotira: A cretan herb tea in your sip!

Sideritis Syriaca Romana- Download the image (6.44 MB) Web address of the image on Wikimedia Commons Type of use Collection Adaptation Done Congratulations! You have answered all questions. You are ready to use the correct license notice. Your license notice Daniel VILLAFRUELA (,

    Malotira is one of the most famous endemic flowers of Crete   and we are proud enough that it exists in our island. Needless to say Malotira is found in many places in our Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete   and especially in the herbs sector .  Malotira is a herb which Cretan primarily uses in … Continued

White Mountains of Crete: 2 Unique Features

White Mountains of Crete- Samaria Gorge - Inside the Gorge -Lapplaender, Samaria Gorge 19, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

    White Mountains  are the jewel of Crete. A huge mountain range covering most of the prefecture of Chania and a good part of Rethymnon area.  More tourists are coming to Crete in order to discover and hike  on the White Mountains as well as explore other mountain settlements in Crete .     Botanical Park and Gardens … Continued

Kri- Kri: Presenting you Authentic Cretan Fauna

Kri Kri - Capra aegagrus creticus - Crete White Mountains- Lapplaender, Kri-kri 2, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

   Crete is an island that is well known for its food  , its traditional cretan products as well as Cretan Flora and Cretan Fauna indigenous to our island.  A big part of Cretan Fauna that is found solely on Crete and is the so-called Kri- Kri.   Kri- Kri (Capra Aegagrus Creticus) is  a species … Continued

Journey in Chania- Half Fay or Full Day Road Trip

Journey in Chania-Omalos Road Trip- Botanical Park- Gardens of Crete Emmanuel Eragne from Tokyo, Japan, Omalos Plateau, CC BY 2.0

Crete is amongst the most visited islands in Greece. Chania especially is a tourist attraction for many tourists and nature lovers that love a Journey in Chania, whether this is a full day trip or lasting only some hours. Botanical park & Gardens of Crete are getting a big percentage of visitors that combine a … Continued

Citrus Trees Species in Crete: A Useful Walkthrough

Botanical Park- Gardens of Crete: Mediterranean Fruit Trees: Orange Trees- Mediterranean Fruit Trees Garden- Citrus Trees

A lot of our visitors are choosing a hike on the Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete for the tropical plants, the cherry trees garden, our extraordinary vineyards or even for a relaxing stroll in an environment of lush vegetation with a lake and rare animals species, such us the famous Cretan wild goat (Kri- … Continued

Cretan dairy products: 4 Cretan Cheeses to discover!

Cretan dairy products- Cretan Cheese- Traditional Cheese Mitato- Voidomatis Dimitrios, Traditional Cretan Cheese Storage, CC BY-SA 4.0

Our island is a place full of history, tradition, folklore and natural beauty. Accordingly, it produces fine quality dairy products which are well known to locals and visitors. In this concise guide we will inform you about the most famous Cretan Dairy Products in order to enjoy and discover when on vacation. Cretan Dairy Products: … Continued

Microclimate in Crete- Chania: An introduction.

Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete: Family of ducks on our Lake

Crete is one of the most popular islands over Greece. It has an ideal Climate that is perfect for vacation, but also is capable enough to host rare birds and herbs species, endemic flowers , as well as a vast percentage of the agricultural production of Greece. Thousands of fruitful trees are on the island, … Continued

Endemic Flowers of Crete: The 4 most loved of the park!

Endemic Flowers of Crete: Endemic Plants and Flowers of Crete- Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete- Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz, Sideritis syriaca kz02, CC BY-SA 4.0

Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete lies in Chania, Crete and is home to flora and fauna from all over the world. It is an attraction for thousands of guests that visit Crete every year. In this article we will inform you about Endemic Flowers and Endemic Herbs of Crete, which amongst others (smell the … Continued