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Cretan Hospitality

Cretan hospitality has its own history and tradition and is known throughout the world. Besides, it is the main characteristic of all Cretans; opening their home to every foreigner, offering them what they have. Cretan hospitality owes its meaning to these roots. Cretans are as such distinguished for this characteristic; they are special people. And … Continued


Few traditional drinks or local products in general are more inextricably linked to their place of production, than tsikoudia is with Crete. Is it tsikoudia or raki, then? No matter how one may call it, the traditional drink of Crete has the same taste and encloses the whole tradition of our island. It is the … Continued

Staka Cream Cheese

Between cheese and yogurt with a special taste, staka is a different dairy product in Cretan gastronomy. It contains quite a lot of calories and fat, but it makes up for it with a taste that transcends anything it accompanies. In its simplest versions, it accompanies fries or eggs, while it is used like fresh … Continued

Minoan civilization

The Minoan civilization is placed from the end of the Neolithic Age to the beginning of the Iron Age (3200 – 1000 BC). Its name is due to the explorer of Knossos, Sir Arthur Evans, who was inspired by the name of the king of the island, also known from mythology as Minos. The palaces … Continued

White Mountains

The White Mountains… The Cretan Madares… Perhaps the most sung of mountain range of Crete. Where to start? From its plateaus, the imposing gorges, the wild ravines, or the legendary caves? In the White Mountains, one can encounter the most interesting of gorges for the texplorers of gorges in Greece; the largest and most famous … Continued

Rose water

It is even honored with a celebration in the village of Fournes each May. It is one of the most picturesque orange-villages of the Municipality of Platanias in the Valley of Keritis. Flower water is made from the distillation of aromatic plants and flowers through steam. In the case of Cretan flower water, it is … Continued

Spices of Crete

Spices offer special, unique aromas and enrich the taste of our food. Let us learn some of them. Afrina: The flower of salt from the rocks of Crete that has stored sea water, until the Greek sun evaporates it and the raw natural sea salt appears. Cretan Basil: It looks like anise and has an … Continued

Cheeses of Crete

When someone mentions the cheeses of Crete, they certainly add to the “picture” the mizithra, the gruyere and the athotyro. In Crete, cheese is consumed in every hour of the day, from morning until late at night, as an accompaniment or as a main meze, an appetizer or even as a dessert. It is never … Continued

Inhabitants of Crete

The inhabitants of Crete are known for their quirky personalities, much more so the inhabitants of the mountains. Most of them are breeders and love the White Mountains, or Madares, and consider them their home. Hospitality is in their blood. They love foreigners and are pleasant, cheerful and hospitable people. They keep to the local … Continued



The breeders of the White Mountains are in the koumi and the mitata with the animals and the herds both in winter and summer. Life in this wild landscape is lonely and harsh, despite the herds. Despite the passage of time, the traditional way of raising livestock has not been altered. For every shepherd, his … Continued

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