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The breeders of the White Mountains are in the koumi and the mitata with the animals and the herds both in winter and summer.
Life in this wild landscape is lonely and harsh, despite the herds.
Despite the passage of time, the traditional way of raising livestock has not been altered.
For every shepherd, his herds are part of his family, providing them with special care and attention.
The herd and the shepherd come together and set out together for grazing.
A dog is always in front to protect the sheep and they are free to wander around for their food which consists almost exclusively of Cretan herbs and shrubs with special aroma and very high nutritional values.
The animals of Crete are free all year long or live in mitata (stables).
Raising livestock is one of the most important economic activities on the island, as there are thousands of sheep and goats from one end to the other, which are used not only for the very tasty meat they offer, but also for the production of authentic cheeses and milk.

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